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Courses in Healing & Wellness Series

A series of workshops that teach you how to heal yourself & others physically, emotionally & psychologically, using the universal laws of energy.

Basic Pranic Healing
Basic Pranic Healing

Heal Yourself and others of an extensive range of physical ailments through Basic Pranic Healing - a foundation designed to introduce students to energy concepts. Learn to “scan,” or sense the energy, to “sweep,” or clean away congested energy, and to “energize,” or supplement areas in your aura that have a deficiency of energy.

All Pranic Healing courses are “experiential,” which implies you learn by performing the techniques and exercises in class – on yourself and those around you.

During the session, all the principles will be explained thoroughly. You will practice the techniques exhaustively to be confident in your ability to produce positive results when you finish the course.

“When healing, the healer should be calm and detached. He should not be nervous, “overconcerned” or attached to the expected results. Otherwise, the projected pranic energy will not be released and will return to him.”

What will you learn?

  1. Learn Basic Principles of Pranic Healing & Sources of Prana
  2. Experiment by seeing & sensing (scanning) energy
  3. Learn cleansing and energizing techniques to clean and balance your aura and chakras, thus enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself
  4. Learn about the 11 major chakras and the organs they control
  5. Learn to heal various physical ailments such as cold, cough, asthma, heart ailments, hypertension, etc.
  6. Learn Self Healing, Distant Healing, and Divine Healing techniques
  7. Pranic breathing to de-stress & revitalize instantly
  8. Powerful Meditation on Twin Hearts to achieve inner peace, joy & illumination
  9. The Law of Karma and its application
  10. The importance of character building... and much more


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Advanced Pranic Healing
Advanced Pranic Healing

Become effective healers for effectively treating serious ailments through the specialized course of Advanced Pranic Healing. 

After learning the healing techniques in the Basic Pranic Healing workshop, the student will learn how to use different colour pranas to get faster and more effective results for a broad range of ailments. Just as white energy can be divided into 7 colours, each with specific properties; it is likewise possible to combine white prana with colour pranas to create a more focused effect on the aura and chakras.

The healing session duration shortens and the results are quicker and more potent. Indeed, the Advanced Pranic Healing class is a must for all students of healing.


“The Light is always there. How much light comes to you depends on you.”
Master Choa Kok Sui,


Course Prerequisites

Basic Pranic Healing


What will you learn?

  1. Learn to use the right proportion, colour combinations and degree of hue of coloured prana.
  2. Learn Advanced Scanning Techniques, interpret and assess more quickly and effectively the imbalances in the energy field patterns.
  3. Powerful specialized healing techniques which includes rapid healing of wounds, cellular regeneration, cleansing of the internal organs, cleansing of the blood and other techniques to boost the immune system.
  4. High-level energetic methods of enhancing the body's innate healing ability. You'll learn techniques for working on AIDS, cancer, stroke, diabetes, kundalini syndrome (a state in which the aura is over-energized due to meditation or other excessive energy-development practices) and other severe ailments.
  5. Instructive healing to help accelerate healing and recovery by influencing and reprogramming the consciousness of diseased cells and organs.
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Pranic Crystal Healing
Pranic Crystal Healing

Learn the art of crystal healing, discover the qualities of different crystals, and learn how to increase your healing power countless times over. Clear and concise, practical yet spiritual this class empowers you to achieve more tremendous success, clarity, and healing power.

There are many potent purposes of crystals. Separating myth from fact, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui’s groundbreaking class explains the numerous uses of crystals in his inimitable manner.

Get familiarized with the properties and functions of crystals and learn how to use crystals as instruments to help enhance your healing power and apply Pranic Healing principles and techniques.


Course Prerequisites

Pranic Psychotherapy


What will you learn?

  1. Essential properties of crystals and the five factors that determine the real potency of a crystal.
  2. Activating effect of crystals on the Aura and Chakras.
  3. Who should not wear crystals.
  4. Basic Techniques in processing and utilizing a crystal for healing.
  5. Consecrating crystals in order to make them more powerful by 1000 percent or more.
  6. Instantly increase your healing power. By using special crystals, increase the healing power by 200 times or more.
  7. Applying the Seven basic techniques in Pranic Healing while using a crystal.
  8. How to use crystals to extract negative emotions and diseased energies from the aura quickly and easily.
  9. Which crystals and gem stones are appropriate for which purposes. Understanding of why wearing the wrong crystals or gems could cause financial hardships or bad luck.
  10. Consecrating rings, pendants, and jewelry to attract good health and prosperity for loved ones and business associates.


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Pranic Face Lift & Body Sculpting
Pranic Face Lift & Body Sculpting

A healthy toned body and glowing skin is what everyone wants. The Pranic Healing way is a no-touch, non-invasive way of looking fabulous. With an emphasis on inner beauty as well as external beauty, this Pranic Healing course removes the causes of weight gain, low self-esteem, negative self-image, harmful addictions, and many other obstructions to you looking your best.

Course Prerequisites

Pranic Crystal Healing (For this workshop you would also need your healing crystals (clear quartz laser crystal, rose quarts activator, and disintegrator crystal).

What will you learn?

  1. Loose the excess weight through the Pranic Weight Loss Protocol, look thinner & better
  2. Advanced techniques for cord cutting and cord pulling
  3. How to use the powerful disintegrator crystal. The technique can also be used while applying Pranic Psychotherapy.
  4. Regulate your appetite and remove the excessive cravings for food and sugar
  5. Remove the negative emotions that contribute to the weight gain
  6. Treat the facial freckles and pimples. Remove the lines and wrinkles of the face.  Create a younger and brighter looking skin
  7. Increase your will power to withstand your desire for excessive intake of food.
  8. Pranic Body Sculpting techniques including protocols for removing ‘stubborn’ fat (love handles, thighs, etc.), breast reduction, brest augmentation, and others
  9. Pranic Face Lift techniques include protocols to treat eye bags, eyelid tuck, and chin tuck
  10. Suggested guidelines for diet and nutrition


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Psychic Self Defense
Psychic Self Defense

Protect yourself from psychic attacks, negative thoughts, and energies through practical and easy-to-learn techniques. Focus your energies amidst stressful and chaotic environments. Take the Practical Psychic Self-Defense Course and improve the quality of your life.

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui reveals robust, psychic self-defense techniques, some of which have been practiced by ancient spiritual teachers and martial arts masters.

It’s just like GMCKS says: a white cloth in the red dye will take on the colour red. The same goes with the principle of our auras constantly being in a big stressful city – we have to shield ourselves psychically to avoid picking up negative thoughts and emotions.

Course Prerequisites

Pranic Psychotherapy


What will you learn?

  1. Closing the aura to prevent intrusions.
  2. Understanding how psychic attacks are launched and how you can protect yourself from them.
  3. Placing a protective aura around your business to ensure prosperity.
  4. Protecting your business and finances from envious competitors and their negative vibes.
  5. Safeguarding your children's precious and innocent consciousness from preying entities of drugs and negative programming from peers.
  6. Practicing advanced psychic self-defense techniques, specifically for healers.
  7. Shielding your personal belongings, including your financial assets.
  8. Multi-dimensional shielding for protection on the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical planes.
  9. Putting remedies into place for attacks that have already penetrated your energy fields.
  10. Using the power of love to get an angry psychic assailant on your side.
  11. Building up sufficient energy for your shield and combining the energy with visualization and intent for optimum protection.
  12. Using the ancient Magic Circles Ritual to receive comprehensive protection from angels, masters, and teachers.
  13. Scanning the strength and integrity of your shields so that you know they’re in place and working.
  14. Experience inner peace and calmness in the midst of a chaotic work or home environment.
  15. Stopping "psychic vampires" from draining your precious life force.
  16. Learning why the traditional bubble of white light does not hold up in the real world of psychic warfare, and why the Pranic Psychic Self Defence shield is more effective.
  17. Learning why improper shielding could cause a person to think he or she is under psychic attack by nobody else but themselves.
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