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Nikunj Didwania

Basic Pranic Healing Instructor

Aarya Rakesh Hendre

Basic PH instructor

Ranjan Rohit Gala

My name is Ranjan Gala, professionally I m Pranic Healer & Trainer.

Roshni Hande

Pranic Healer & Instructor, Counsellor. Successfully running Celestial Pranic Healing Center. Educational details: MBA in Finance, MBA in Self and crisis management, PG in counseling & Hypnotherapy, Naturopathy practitioner..
Service experience in corporate sector.

Dr. Rajashree Kirankumar Nale


Dr.Rajashree Nale is consultant Psychiatrist.She has19 years of experience in psychiatry field.She transformed 72 thousand peoples life through her profession.She takes may Health Awareness programmes for all age groups at schools,colleges,NGOs,private organisations,police,doctors.Her specialty is in Stress Mangement Seminars& many programmes for Ladies& Adolescents.She has been awarded by many disctict& state level organisations for her continuous social work since 2006 .She author of Book Bach Flower Remedy.She is Associate Certified Pranic Healer &Basic Pranic Healing Instructor in YVPHFM since2019.

Amini Nair

SINCE 1996 in pranic healing

Neeta Ajit Jobanputra

Practicing Pranic Healing since 25 years, a Certified Pranic Psychotherapist, Education -BA.

Asmita Kotak

Associate Certified Pranic Healer and Feng Shui Consultant

Preeti Kulkarni

Pranic Healing Instructor of world Pranic Healing Foundation, Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, Associate Healer, & Tarrot card reader

Harprit O Parihar

Pranic Healing Trainer & Healer 

Sakhi Rara

Certified pranic healer ,pranic healing instructor

Sarika Biwalkar

Sarika Biwalkar 
Masters in Human Resources 
15 years of work experience in Talent Acquisition 
Associate Certified Pranic Healer 
Started Pranic Healing Journey since 2004 
Teaches MCKS Basic Pranic Course 

Nisha Jain

Having a diploma in digital electronic engineering and Gemology , proprietor at Radiant crystals and gems . Basic Pranic healing instructor since 2000 and soul instructor simce 2009. Happily serving my guru GMCKS. 

Dr Parag Khanolkar

Pranic healing and Arhatic Yoga Center, Miraj

Madhurima Patel

For over a decade Madhurima has been practicing Pranic Healing to relieve people from various physical, emotional & psychological ailments.
Madhurima is a Certified Pranic Healer and also a licensed Instructor of MCKS Basic & Advanced Pranic Healing courses, she has been teaching for nearly a decade.

She also facilitates a healing centre- Pranic Healing Home, in Pune, in service to spread light to all. Inspiring, nurturing & guiding people to a holistic way of living.
With a down to earth teaching style she makes transformation from stress to peace, chaos to calmness and relaxation accessible to everyone.
She loves to teach this amazing modality, for the miraculous changes that come to the students life, the empowerment the people get to improve their lives and that of others. 

Khadeeja Khan

An ordinary person working on becoming better person. I Am an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, Instructor of Pranic Healing, practicing Pranic Healing Treatments professionally & entrepreneur -running Pranic Healing Centre, Based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Born and brought up in UAE. Educational qualification - MBA in Finance.

Snehal Shah

My name is Snehal Shah. I stay in Mumbai. I am a practising Company Secretary by profession and a Pranic Healer since November 2001. Living with my mother and family, I am passionate and curious about learning new things. MCKS Pranic Healing is a blessings and passion of my life. I have experienced it in all areas of my life and it has made a profound positive change in my life.

So I am supporting like minded people and corporates for Healing, sharing Meditation on Twin Hearts and serving as an instruction in their journey of Health and Happiness...

Radha Dhruv

Basic Pranic Healing Instructor 

Mansi Brahmbhatt Nair

Mansi Brahmbhatt Nair is a very companionate, loving and intelligent as a person who have committed her entire life for healing and teaching in school of Pranic Healing and Arhatic yoga. 
She have graduated as an software engineer in 2008. Her life transformed when pranic healing was introduced in her life in year 2009.
Becoming a disciple of Grand Master Choa kok sui was one of the greatest life changing mode of her life and since then she offered herself into serving humanity by becoming a Full-Time healer and Trainer. 
She have successfully motivated and healed so many people's life in Mumbai as well as internationally in Kuwait . 
And Journey continues...

Shalin Bhagat

Pranic Healer & Trainer

Vijay Khanke

Vijay is a positive, self-motivated and responsible person. He is a charismatic individual and well known for his teaching skills, Vijay Khanke is an IT professional and a successful entrepreneur who believes in collective growth & shared prosperity.

He is practicing Pranic Healer from past 12 years whose ultimate aim is to uplift the people of the society in all aspects of life to provide them the luxury of a Happy, Healthy and content living with Spiritual Growth through techniques and teachings of Pranic Healing and Master Choa Kok Sui.

Urvashi Patel

Pranic Healing Instructor

Sunil Agrawal

M.Tech. Basic Pranic Healing Instructor

Murgesj Natarajan

ACPH, Basic Pranic healing Instructor and Education Catalyst

Shraddha Parekh

Shraddha Parekh is a compassionate, powerful healer with exceptional scanning & psychic diagnosis abilities. She holds the degree of a Certified Pranic Healer (CPH) & has had hundreds of miraculous healing results in the past 16 yrs of her association with pranic healing.  She has an excellent Academic track record along with the honor of representing the Mumbai university as Team Captain in an International Chess Championship in Malaysia, in 2002. She later double-graduated as a Professional fine Artist with a Major in Painting & is a Certified Gemologist who owns a successful Jewelry Manufacturing Business. However, Pranic Healing transformed her life in such a magnanimous way that she and her team now dedicate almost their entire time to Teaching, Healing, Counselling & Social Service Activities through her healing Centre in Mumbai.

Jyotika Shivaji Pawar

She is an Associate Certified Pranic Healer(ACPH) with an experience of 10 years, a qualified Naturopath, has a degree in BSc. in Chemistry and is a qualified Medical lab technician.
She is a Basic Pranic Healing Instructor  and has been teaching since the year 2022.

Sandhya Anand Deshmukh

Pranic Healing Instructer & Healer

Shekinah Chalisa

Graduated from Sir J J College of Architecture. I started my own practice as an architect. I was also a lecturer for some years at Sir J J. I learnt pranic healing in April 1999 and found the energy aspect of it interesting. The fact that energy could change the material world was indeed intriguing and confirming with laws of feng shui which made me learn all courses being offered in this school. My more than 2 decades of being here have been very fulfilling. My understanding of the material and energy world and their interrelation helps me teach pranic healing with clarity and greater understanding.

Instructor of Basic Pranic Healing, Achieving Oneness with Higher Soul, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy

In Pranic Healing Since 1999. Instructor since last 22 years

Dinesh Patel

Practicing Pranic Healing & Disciple Of GMCKS since from 2002. Teaching in Gujarat & Maharshtra since from 2007.

Vikas Jadhav

I am associated with Arhatic Yoga Ashram since 2010.

I am an artist at my core and have great inclination towards learning and understanding esoteric sciences. 

My deep passion towards learning, teaching and spreading Pranic Healing has transformed my life inside out.

I not only look at Pranic Healing as my career it is truly my way of life and I have dedicated my life for spreading the teachings of my Guru Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

I am being very fortunate to meet the Guru in person. And his blessings have catapulted me into the deeper layers of knowledge and wisdom.

I am specially trained to teach Pranic Healing in Marathi language.

Kiran Dhiraj Sarda

Basic Pranic Healing Trainer

Dilipkumar Singh

Practicing pranic healing one decade, associate Certified Pranic Healer, Teaching pranic Healing since 2015, in this journey we taught Pranic Healing to hundreds of people from all walk of life ie. Engeeniers, Doctors, layer, businessman / women, social worker, goverment employee, housewife, student. In this journey of healing we touch by the knowledge and experience of Pranic healing thosands of people.

Sonal Santosh khanvilkar

Pranic Healer & Instructor ,Arhatic Yoga practitioner , Associate Healer & Numerology reader

Saroj Thole

From kopargaon near Shirdi maharashtra. Iam a pranic healing basic course trainer. Have a pranic healing centre at kopargaon

Kapil Dinesh Agarwal

Serving  humanity and spreading happiness as a Trainer and healer since 2010

Neelam Sharma

A post graduate in Environment and ecology, Mrs. Neelam Sharma is the Co-Founder of Navonmeshi. Having worked in corporate and schools, she is passionate about helping people and serving humanity. She began her career in Alternative Medicine science 10 years ago. She excels in Pranic Healing, Su Jok, Naturopathy, Yoga, Hypnotherapy and Counselling and has successfully treated cases of Cancer, Tumors, Heart Blockages, Depression, Insomnia etc. She is also a trainer of Basic Pranic Healing.

Dr. Pratima C. Merchant

Ph.D ( Bio) D.Sc.(A.M).  Medical Scientist. YVPHF Maharashtra. Trainer and Certified Pranic Pshychotherapist.             

Hetal Shah

Mr. Hetal Shah is a Senior Pranic Healing Instructor and Associate Certified Pranic Healer. He currently serves as Basic and Advance Pranic Healing Instructor for Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of Maharashtra. He has been a Pranic Healing practitioner since 2003 and a full-time Pranic Healing Instructor since 2013.  

Mr. Hetal has immense healing experience in dealing with Physical, Emotional and Psychological ailments as well as Business and Asset Healing. He specialises in dealing with Corporate clientele as a result of his 20-year extensive corporate career. 

Prior to this, he has served on Senior Management in Operations, Sales and Business Strategies for sectors like IT/ITES, Travel Operations, etc. Mr. Hetal is a Computer Engineer by qualification and a Management Graduate from Welingkars Institute of Management.

Although being a well-read & well-travelled individual, Mr. Hetal is a family man at heart. He is a sensitive, approachable and easy going person. He has a huge intellectual curiosity, which makes him capable of clear critical thinking and develop adaptable perspectives to navigate changing landscapes in human relationships with Self, Others and Money. This gives him an upper hand while healing cases of relationship issues, psychosomatic ailment and financial crisis.

Aditi S Kulkarni

Aditi is Authorised Basic Pranic Healing Instructor. She has 15+ years of experience in the field of Pranic Healing. She is also a practicing Psychologist. Her regular guidance & nurturing helps her students to get clarity about teachings of Pranic Healing.

Anuja Ratnakar Shetty

Your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them.
Coming from a science background with degree of M.Sc. in Polymer Science and a person who loves to experiment and explore, I always wanted to make a difference in the world.
Today I am a Certified Pranic Healer and a Trainer. Completing 9 years into this, I have evolved into someone who loves to help others and spread happiness.
Pranic Healing (PH) taught me to embrace spirituality with a scientific mind. For me, science and spirituality are complementary parts of the whole.
I have organized sessions of PH in Airforce Hospitals and several healthcare centers and witnessed miraculous results.
The contentment of even making a little difference in the world is what makes our life worthwhile. I truly believe when given with no expectations, it returns in interesting and beautiful ways to you from the universe.

Shyamala Chandrahasan

Basic Pranic Healing Trainer

Dr. Rajani Yadav

Dr.Rajani Yadav is a Qualified  Physiotherapists  now a full-time Professional  Pranic healer and Instructor for Basic (since 2011), Advanced (Since 2014) and Psychotherapy (Since 2018) 

 She has also completed her certification program as an Associate pranic healer in the year 2012 and has a Certified Pranic healer in the year 2017.

She has been in the school since Jan 2009 and has been contributing to spread the teachings and reach to as many people as possible in her own small ways.

She loves to teach and heal and is very passionate about it.


Subhash Rupchand Pandit

Basic Pranic Healing Instructor

Abhay Yadav

Dr. Abhay Yadav, an esteemed MD in Ayurveda and a certified associate pranic healer, embarked on an extraordinary journey into the depths of pranic healing in 2011. Since then, he has been captivated by the mesmerizing interplay between pranic healing and Ayurvedic therapies, unlocking the profound mysteries of prana. Dr. Yadav's deep-rooted understanding of this ancient science has ignited a fervent passion to illuminate its wonders to the world.

Fueled by an innate desire to share his insights, Dr. Yadav embraced the role of a pranic healing trainer in 2018. His unwavering commitment to teaching and spreading the wisdom of pranic healing echoes his dedication to holistic well-being.

Mohammedi Saifuddin Lokhandwala

Pranic Healer and trainer

Ranjana Mishra Shah

I am Pranic Healer and Affiliated PH instructor, I Love to heal people and when I saw them to comming out from their pain or sadness that is happiest moments of my Life.I Love to spread Pranic Healing as wel as my most loving work to Teach Pranic Healing,whenever I did anything which is connected with PH it could be PH workshop,Introduction of PH , super brain yoga or THM all this work makes me more alive and more happy 💕

Shhetal Bhopale

•Licensed Medical Doctor [M.B.B.S, DFM -Diploma in Family Medicine ]
•Former Medical Officer at Corporate Office & Hospitals.
•Currently Pranic Healing Trainer & ACPH Certified Healer .
•Certified Naturopathist & Yoga trainer.
•Owner of Golden Bud -The center for PH Training & AY Meditations .
•Teach Superbrain Yoga & Twin Hearts Meditations in Schools and to small groups (Offline/Online).
•Feng Shui Consultant for Office and Home.
•Business Healing.
•Likes to Heal Pathological cases.
• Hobies - Numerology , Bach Flower Remedies.

Vasudev Kaduskar

Vasudev Kaduskar is based in Pune. He is a Certified Pranic Healer and Instructor for Basic, Advanced & Psychotherapy courses.  He is into Pranic Healing for over 20 years. He travels all over Maharashtra and Gujrat for spreading the teachings of Grandmaster Choa. He had the privilege to be the Ashram Manager for Grandmaster's Ashram near Pune for over 7 years

Rohini Sarode

Instructor, Associate Pranic Healer

Dr Vaishalli Khangtey

Dr Vaishalli is a Holistic Health Consultant, Founder of DVHS - Dr Vaishalli's Health Solutions, Author of the book Midlife Marvels, MD (Alt Med), Psychological Counselor, Trainer and with a mighty experience of 26yrs.

Surbhi Surana

I am a B.Sc Graduate. I started Pranic Healing journey in the year 2017. At present running Aakaar Pranic Healing Centre in Surat and serving as Basic Pranic Healing Instructor for Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation Of Maharashtra
I am an Associate Certified Pranic Healer.

Gautam Surana

Having done his MBA from a leading B-school, Gautam Surana has to his credit a prolific entrepreneurial experience. He has ventured in more than 15 startups from across various realms. He has come a long way as a manager who leads by example, an entrepreneur who devises unique solutions, an educationist who imparts path-breaking learning, a philanthropist who believes in the beauty of giving back to society, and most importantly a Pranic Healer Trainer who heals and trains.

Amol Joshi

Instructor of:
- Basic Pranic Healing
- Advanced Pranic Healing
- Pranic Psychotherapy
- Psychic Self Defence

Certified Pranic Healer

Nikhil Suhas Khambe

I'm biotechnology engineer working in Research Laboratory as Research Manager. My specialization is research oriented analysis of various substances. As a part of that research, I came across science of Pranic Healing & then I started to practice Arhatic Yoga & became instructor to share this amazing modern science.

Seema Tatwawadi

I, Seema Tatwawadi (Msc Mathematics, B.Ed, Diploma in homeopathy), Certified Pranic Healer, practicing pranic healing from last 12 years and teaching Basic Pranic Healing since last 8 years at my own Urja Pranic Healing and Meditation Centre, Baner, Pune.

Shailly Anand

MCKS Basic Pranic Healing Trainer

Dr Bhumika Betharia

I am Dr Bhumika Betharia, a Dentist by profession.
I have done B.D.S. and a Certification course  in Implantology from Eastman University, London. For the last 30 years I am practicing in Thane.

I am in the field of Pranic Healing since 13 years as a Trainer and practicing Healer.

Pinakin Bhagat

Pranic Healing Trainer

Leena Vijay Khanke

A young, dynamic and vibrant Pranic Healing Instructor who has successfully mentored thousands of people for more than a decade with her simple, strong and highly influential communication skills. An inspiration to many, Mrs. Leena Khanke is admired by one and all for her extremely patient, supportive, and generous persona. 

Being a responsible citizen, she is actively driven towards helping the community with the effective guidance of Pranic Healing techniques and through various social activities. She is a Certified Pranic Healer, Pranic Psychotherapy Instructor and runs a successful Pranic Healing Center in Pune which is strictly dedicated to preaching Pranic Healing to different patients as well as curious learners for leading them towards healthy living.

Seema Sarda

Basic Pranic Healing Trainer

Archna Aggarwal

Archna is friendly, easy to approach, empathetic person with excellent oratory skills. 
She is a motivating teacher and guide, with a loving heart and warm words. 
Her insightful understanding of human energy, behaviour and mind helps those around her to navigate to a better life, empowered with clearer purpose, calmly, with more meaning and harmony.
After completing her MSc in Textile and Clothing, she has more than 15 years of experience as a Trainer in not only Fashion & Apparel but also in English communication and TOEFL.
After working with prestigious institutions like Niramala Niketan, Apparel Training and Design Center, DAV Public School, NIFD etc, in 2012, she forayed in the field of alternative therapies as an energy healer, Pranic trainer, Transpersonal Regression therapist and Hypnotherapist.

In 2013, She founded 'Tatva Wellness Point' – A holistic healing space promoting Integrated Holistic wellness 

In 2018, she Initiated a service project for women education and empowerment as Udayan Shalini Fellowship- Pune chapter, which has now 250 economically challenged girl students under its umbrella.

She wishes to contribute in creating a community where everyone is healthy, balanced, empowered and self aware to resolve life challenges through mindfulness.

Arvind Manohar Bhilare

Pranic Healing Instructor

Prashant Parchure

I have done graduation in B.Sc. Worked in a Pharmaceutical Company from Pune Maharashtra in Marketing for 25 yrs. Presently working as Full Time Pranic Healer and Basic Pranic Healing Instructor at Pimpri, Pune, Maharashtra 

Mital Shah

Basic Pranic Healing Instructer

Abhishek Sharma

I am an Industrial Engineer turned full time Pranic Healer and Trainer, I was introduced into Pranic healing in 2008, when I had severe stomachache and a friend distantly healed me in just few minutes, that grew my interest in Pranic Healing and I learned and experimented Pranic Healing First to heal my years of migraine issue. It was cured in just one month and never came back. This inspired me to continue Pranic Healing Practice for years and I was able to help my family and friends with different health issues . I am Teaching Pranic Healing Since 2015 and trained hundreds of students in Nagpur and Vidarbha . 

Aditya Anand Raool

Aditya is MSc Biochemistry Graduate & Yoga practitioner since 2004. He learnt pranic healing out of curiosity in 2009 and found out his purpose of life in Pranic Healing. He decided to take pranic healing as his profession. Aditya started facilitating pranic healing courses since 2013. He is passionate to help others.
Aditya enjoy being involved in social activities. He loves trekking, cycling, visiting nature & historical places.

Dr. Vishal Patel

Medical practitioner by profession. 
Basic, Advance and Psychotherapy instructor. Teaching Pranic Healing since 2013. 
Senior Certified Pranic Healer. 
Ex-Trustee of Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of Maharastra. 
Experienced in various aspects of Pranic Healing integrated with Business Healing, Agriculture Healing, research in IVF, Veterinary Healing and Feng Shui.

Prasad V Sonar

I have been teaching GMCKS’s Basic And Advanced Pranic Healing Workshops from 10+ years. I feel fortunate to be an instrument of Master. I would like to upgrade myself as a Pranic Psychotherapy Instructor so that I can reach out to more people for spreading Pranic Healing, specially helping them to learn healing Psychological and Emotional disturbances.

Netra Bhagwan Tomar

As a computer science graduate l always had a curiosity about energy world and energy healing from the science perspective. My search for energy healing courses for right knowledge and answers ends when I learned . 
I am a Basic Pranic healing trainer, Associate Certified Pranic Healer, Arhatic yoga Practitioner. As a full time Pranic healer running Pranic Healing center from last 6 yrs in Airoli, Navi Mumbai. 
Also Started spreading pranic healing and teaching in the Khamgaon, Dist- Buldhana  and nearby areas.

Geetika Vinayak Bhatia

Driven by a zest for excellence and a passionate persona, Geetika Bhatia enthusiastically embraces her role as a Pranic Healing Instructor and Counselor. 
Over her illustrious 15-year career as Executive Director of Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts Distributor in Vidharbha region, Geetika, being an MBA, has demonstrated exceptional business acumen. 
Her decade-long journey as a passionate women’s cricketer has earned her recognition. 
It's her deep-seated belief in the power of energy science and her love for giving back that have led her to Pranic Healing over the past five years. 
As a Pranic Healer Instructor and Counselor, she pours her heart into helping others heal and find their inner peace, touching countless lives along the way.

Dr Priti Mehta

I am a pranic healer and an instructor of Pranic healing,
Ayurveda Doctor,
Associate Pranic healer,
Certified Pranic healer.

Anuja Pandey

Anuja Pandey is Program and Development Manager for World Pranic Healing India Pvt. Ltd and serves as Pranic Healing Instructor for Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of Maharashtra.

She embraced Pranic Healing in 2011 and has never looked back since. Within a short span of time, she was inducted as a Basic Pranic Healing instructor in 2013 and graduated to teaching Advanced Pranic Healing two years later. Continuing on her chosen path of spreading the Guru's teachings, she is now a Pranic Psychotherapy instructor also since 2019. 

Anuja is acknowledged as the first Certified Pranic Psychotherapist in Nagpur and one of the CPP Graduates with Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of Maharashtra, with prodigious healing experience of over 800 cases. Prior to accomplishing her Certified Pranic Psychotherapist in 2022, she had completed her Certified Pranic Healers Program in 2019 and Associate Certified Pranic Healers Program in 2017.

Her remarkable journey is laced with significant milestones and achievements like training a multitude of people in the discipline of Pranic Healing, with over 1000 students to her credit and ever growing.

She has been invited to speak on Pranic Healing and conduct Meditation on Twin Hearts at renowned institutes, corporates, public sector undertakings and military establishments. Her multi-faceted exposure and well-honed communication skills also led to a TV show appearance where she espoused the virtues of Pranic Healing.

She is an Industrial Engineer by qualification with a M.Tech from Nagpur University. A meritorious student, she was conferred with a Gold medal by the University in recognition of her excellence during her engineering studies. She also enjoyed a brief corporate stint in one of India's leading automotive manufacturers, Mahindra at their plant near Pune.

A lifelong learner, she continues to explore avenues of studying and broadening her perspective on human psychology. Making the most of the recent lockdown, she successfully pursued an online certification program offered by Yale University on The Science of Well Being.

Kamal Shah

Pranic Healing Instructor