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Archna Aggarwal

Archna Aggarwal

Archna is friendly, easy to approach, empathetic person with excellent oratory skills. 
She is a motivating teacher and guide, with a loving heart and warm words. 
Her insightful understanding of human energy, behaviour and mind helps those around her to navigate to a better life, empowered with clearer purpose, calmly, with more meaning and harmony.
After completing her MSc in Textile and Clothing, she has more than 15 years of experience as a Trainer in not only Fashion & Apparel but also in English communication and TOEFL.
After working with prestigious institutions like Niramala Niketan, Apparel Training and Design Center, DAV Public School, NIFD etc, in 2012, she forayed in the field of alternative therapies as an energy healer, Pranic trainer, Transpersonal Regression therapist and Hypnotherapist.

In 2013, She founded 'Tatva Wellness Point' – A holistic healing space promoting Integrated Holistic wellness 

In 2018, she Initiated a service project for women education and empowerment as Udayan Shalini Fellowship- Pune chapter, which has now 250 economically challenged girl students under its umbrella.

She wishes to contribute in creating a community where everyone is healthy, balanced, empowered and self aware to resolve life challenges through mindfulness.