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Anuja Pandey

Anuja Pandey

Anuja Pandey is Program and Development Manager for World Pranic Healing India Pvt. Ltd and serves as Pranic Healing Instructor for Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of Maharashtra.

She embraced Pranic Healing in 2011 and has never looked back since. Within a short span of time, she was inducted as a Basic Pranic Healing instructor in 2013 and graduated to teaching Advanced Pranic Healing two years later. Continuing on her chosen path of spreading the Guru's teachings, she is now a Pranic Psychotherapy instructor also since 2019. 

Anuja is acknowledged as the first Certified Pranic Psychotherapist in Nagpur and one of the CPP Graduates with Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of Maharashtra, with prodigious healing experience of over 800 cases. Prior to accomplishing her Certified Pranic Psychotherapist in 2022, she had completed her Certified Pranic Healers Program in 2019 and Associate Certified Pranic Healers Program in 2017.

Her remarkable journey is laced with significant milestones and achievements like training a multitude of people in the discipline of Pranic Healing, with over 1000 students to her credit and ever growing.

She has been invited to speak on Pranic Healing and conduct Meditation on Twin Hearts at renowned institutes, corporates, public sector undertakings and military establishments. Her multi-faceted exposure and well-honed communication skills also led to a TV show appearance where she espoused the virtues of Pranic Healing.

She is an Industrial Engineer by qualification with a M.Tech from Nagpur University. A meritorious student, she was conferred with a Gold medal by the University in recognition of her excellence during her engineering studies. She also enjoyed a brief corporate stint in one of India's leading automotive manufacturers, Mahindra at their plant near Pune.

A lifelong learner, she continues to explore avenues of studying and broadening her perspective on human psychology. Making the most of the recent lockdown, she successfully pursued an online certification program offered by Yale University on The Science of Well Being.