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Feeding Program

MCKS Food for the Hungry Foundation was established in 2005 by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. His vision was to make a hunger-free India, where all citizens would be ensured food and livelihood security and ensure themselves a dignified existence. The Food For Hungry ( FFH ) Foundation's ultimate goal is to ensure that every citizen gets the Right to Food through national legislation, the Zero Hunger Act. We have provided midday meals to the municipal schools; students predominantly come to school for the food and then study. We also give milk to orphanages daily. On Masters Birthday, Mahasamadhi day (masters death anniversary), we donate to Cancer Hospitals, other hospitals, and schools for the mentally challenged and orphanages. We have adopted villages and given them ration where they do not have anything to eat. With Master's grace, we get Donations from Pranic Healers and Non-Pranic Healers.

Food and Grain Distribution

To eradicate death through starvation & malnutrition and alleviate suffering and diseases through prolonged Hunger, we need a Hunger free society, which was one of the visions of GMCKS, and he made sure that all the Pranic Healing foundations were contributing to this humanitarian drive. Eventually, with the growing needs, in 2005, GMCKS established a separate Foundation under MCKS FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY FOUNDATION, MAHARASHTRA to provide food to the hungry. It is guided by the fundamental principles of humanity, equality, voluntary service, unity and integrity. In this foundation, all our Pranic Healers themselves visit various places to serve food to the needy. By seeing them personally and providing service, the pranic healers themselves grow spiritually.