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This special course by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui teaches the science of manifestation and helps to learn how to harness universal laws of energy and thought power to bring prosperity, wealth, and abundance. The Kriyashakti course is designed to give you a better life and fulfill your spiritual mission.

As Master says, "Manifest your Greatness."

The workshop is designed to help students to fulfill their financial goals and dreams. It offers you the exact formula to create financial abundance by actively creating good luck, developing the right attitude to attracting prosperity and success, removing old lingering negative programming about money, and creating powerful thought forms to continuously attract prosperity. Spirituality and materialism are two sides of a coin. We need both to fly!

What will you learn?

  1. Powerful techniques designed to cleanse old negative programming from childhood to continuously attract prosperity and wealth
  2. The science of Entitlement allows you to create the proper conditions to have your goals, targets, and wishes fulfilled.
  3. Learn to harness the power of thought forms and spoken words to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams and plans.
  4. Ancient techniques such as secret hand gestures (mudras) accelerate the precipitation of thoughts into physical reality.
  5. Using the power of money to accelerate your spiritual development.