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Arhatic Sexual Alchemy

Arhatic Sexual Alchemy

As a human being, one of our most profound longings is the desire for an intimate relationship.

Master Choa Kok Sui teaches us how to appreciate your sexuality and create an "energy partnership" to have a truly intimate, profoundly fulfilling and sacred experience with your partner.

He has also demystified traditional Tantric and Taoist Sexual Yoga into simple and effective techniques to safely and adequately harness our innate sexual energies. You can practice them every week to properly utilize this "Spiritual Gasoline" to achieve more creativity and intuition and access higher states of consciousness.


 Take the Arhatic Sexual Alchemy Course and use the knowledge and value of sexual energy to create a harmonious and spiritual relationship with your partner.


  1. Recognize the divinity within your partner
  2. Transcend your sexual experience to higher levels of love, understanding and spiritual oneness a
  3. Experience intense bliss and divine love during sex
  4. Use sacred sex to accelerate your spiritual development
  5. Strengthen your relationship with your partner