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Inner Teachings of Hinduism Revealed

Inner Teachings of Hinduism Revealed

Religion is believed to have layers. 

The first layer - is the literal application of the rules, practices and rituals. 

The second layer - encompasses the symbolic interpretations of the forms, rituals and parables. 

The third level - signifies understanding of the spiritual significance of the teachings and their impact on the body's energy and the soul's evolution.

Hinduism Revealed Workshop is a gateway to a deeper understanding of Hinduism's teachings: the different deities, mantras, symbols and rituals.

If you are a Hindu, Hinduism Revealed Workshop helps you to know your religion better and to appreciate its profound teachings and practices. If you are not a Hindu, this workshop unveils universal truths deep within all the world religions and helps you gain a broader perspective on the essence of life and evolution.


What will you learn?

  1. Understand the secret behind symbols such as peacock and snake
  2. Use Swastika effectively for cleansing and energizing
  3. Know the significance of Lord Ganesh having an elephant head and its inner meaning
  4. Know the esoteric truth behind the Lord Hanuman shown in a figure of a monkey
  5. Understand the reason behind the deities having a blue skin
  6. Use Sharanagati for faster spiritual development
  7. Use different Mantras for stillness, peace, spirituality and prosperity."
  8. Realize the divinity within others using simple techniques
  9. Know the significance of specific ritual practices, such as washing the feet of the gurus